Let's get the party started!

Yesterday we attended the retirement party of Ana's special needs paediatrician Dr Milne. For the past eight years this woman has been a God send and was a major factor in finally getting Ana diagnosed with ASD. While we are wish her well with her retirment and in her furture we will miss her greatly. She was such a large part of our lives and the lives of many other special needs children and their families in out community.

A wonderful touch was the memory book that was presented to Dr Milne in a 'This Is Your Life' style. All the families with children in her care sent in photos, hand written notes and cards thanking Dr Milne for all her help throughout the years. I honestly think that with out her many of us would have given up hope years ago.

Good Luck Dr Milne, we shall miss you!

A new class and hopfully new beginnings

And so the end of another term draws to a close.

Although it must be said that Ana has made some fabulous progress ever since she started in 2A there have been some very low times. Still she has generally managed to pick herself up again and end this term on a high note.

Today was the first day of 'transition' where the children that will be starting in a new class at the beginning of the next term spend time in their new class. This is to help them get used to the change gradually so there should as little disturbance as possible once the summer holidays are over. Also it allows the children to get used to their new form room, their new teachers, assistants and class mates.

I am cautiously optimistic for next term as Ana is no longer in the same form class as L. Both just seem to rub the other up the wrong way. Also there was a very detailed write up in Ana's home school diary today about what class she is now in and the names of her teacher and assistants. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

There is one down side to all of this. Ana's best friend G will be moving up to the Secondary school side of things next term. I just hope the change doesn't upset things too much.

And so the blog is born

Out of necessity more then anything else really. Autism is still not really understood and the differences between two people on the Autistic Spectrum can be vast. While I have some wonderful friends and a truly supportive family it is simply impossible for them to be able to relate to the sometimes vast and frightening range of emotions I feel.

This blog is here so I can get some of those feelings out. A form of release if you will. Someone who will listen and not judge.

Raising a child with Autism can be a very scary and lonely experience.