Autism Awareness Month

Today is the start of Autism Awareness Month and we will all be wearing something blue to show our support.

More people need to be made aware of autism, it's signs and the difficulties it poses both to sufferers and their careers.

It Looks Like Things Are Starting To Move!

Yesterday someone from out Housing Association came our to measure up all our external doors in preparation for changing them for the Aids and Adaptions needed to our home.

I was extremely impressed with the choice of door made available to us, we could choose the colour, window type, if I wished them to open outward or inwards and even if we would like a cat flap installed! It was like being in door choice heaven, well not really, but you get the general idea.

The workman wrote down everything I asked for and even added some notes to the job sheet when I asked for spacific things, like for the work to take place while Ana is at school.

So hopefully this is a sign that the much needed work on our home is about to start taking place. I hope the long wait has been worth it.