Tamagotchi Invasion

I am actually amazed at the amount of time Ana is spending playing with her new Tamagotchi family. I cannot see the what all the fuss is really. Still the peace and quiet is nice while it lasts.

Sometimes I hate being the parent of a special needs child

And I don't care who knows or what they think of me.

I am sick and tired of all the tantrums, of being terrified of saying something that will set of the next big melt down. Innocent sentences such as , 'Could you please put some knickers on?' and, 'Can you tidy your bedroom?' I spend and ex ordinate amount of time walking around on eggshells

I get fed up of of being stuck in the middle of people on opposing sides. I really don't care how you would manage that particular scenario better or that a damn good smack will sort her out, because it won't. I know, I've tried!

I am forever doomed to spend my life washing pooped in clothes, or wiping bottom of a 10 year old. Will I still be doing this when she is 20?

Everything has to be arranged round Ana and her condition always having to make extra concessions and arrangements for her. I am unable to say 'sod it all, why don't we just go out somewhere nice today,' without planning of military precision

I am loath of all the stares and questions. This is not what I had in mind when I decided to have a baby!

Why is it the summer holidays seem to last forever?

First Karate Lesson

Yesterday Ana attended her first Go Jan Ryu Karate lesson. Which almost didn't take place due to her purposely tripping her little sister up, causing her to sprain her leg, ankle and hit her head on the floor.

After the ensuing rage from Ana we decided to let her go as long as she promised to behave herself in future and keep her bedroom tidy (two things of which she has failed miserably to do today)!

The lesson didn't go as badly as I was expecting. Ana was over excited and her tendency to babble inanely got the better of her, but towards the middle of the lesson she had actually managed to stop talking long enough to listen and in fact learn a few things. We shall have to see how things go.