Wordless Wednesday - Titanic

Ana has got payback!

What an odd use of the phrase.

Ana has just returned from school and written in her home diary for lunch time is 'Ana has got payback for bullying another child and being rude to a member of staff.'

I do hope that mean that she was appropriately dealt with and they just didn't let the child or member of staff kick her in the shins

I can't get much out of Ana other then the fact she didn't do it. You'd be surprised at the amount of stuff that people didn't see Ana do. Anyway further questioning will result in a class 1 meltdown, so I have told her bullying and being rude is wrong and banned computer time for a week.

I have also told her I will speak to her teacher when I am at school tomorrow.

Ever want to hide and just come out when the kids have left home?