Sometimes I hate being the parent of a special needs child

And I don't care who knows or what they think of me.

I am sick and tired of all the tantrums, of being terrified of saying something that will set of the next big melt down. Innocent sentences such as , 'Could you please put some knickers on?' and, 'Can you tidy your bedroom?' I spend and ex ordinate amount of time walking around on eggshells

I get fed up of of being stuck in the middle of people on opposing sides. I really don't care how you would manage that particular scenario better or that a damn good smack will sort her out, because it won't. I know, I've tried!

I am forever doomed to spend my life washing pooped in clothes, or wiping bottom of a 10 year old. Will I still be doing this when she is 20?

Everything has to be arranged round Ana and her condition always having to make extra concessions and arrangements for her. I am unable to say 'sod it all, why don't we just go out somewhere nice today,' without planning of military precision

I am loath of all the stares and questions. This is not what I had in mind when I decided to have a baby!

Why is it the summer holidays seem to last forever?