It's so frustrating!

I know that it only the second week of Ana's respite care through Summacare, but let's just say it isn't want I expected it to be.

Social Services painted a lovely picture of Ana being able to go out with another adult to do the things that her peers take for granted. The things that sadly we are unable to do due to limited resources and time.

However the Buddy that has been teamed up with Ana cannot drive, nor knows our home town very well. Nothing really wrong with that and I cannot really fault her with the way she interacts with Ana, but it puts serious limitations on what Ana and her Buddy are able to do.

There is really very little for pre-teens to do in our town and you really need to travel further a field to find activities that are suitable for Ana. I am beginning to run out of things that Ana and her Buddy can do within the distance they can travel for her 3 hours a fortnight without really eating in to her expenses budget.

Another worrying point is I have no number to contact Ana's Buddy on. I have left messages for her to contact me on the numbers I do have so I can tell her Ana wants to go swimming tomorrow, but I have heard nothing back.

Yet there is a part of me, the part that doesn't like to rock the boat, that is convincing me not to bring these points up with either Summacare or Social Services. It seems a little ungrateful doesn't it?

I have no experience of this!


Maddy said...

Nope, not ungrateful, it's the the constant adjustment of someone coming to terms with having something attractive dangled under their noses only to find that it's not a diamond but a pebble, useful but not exactly what we had in mind.

Casdok said...

Asking for a phone number is not rocking the boat. I would find this worrying too so would persue it. I would also go back to Summercare and tell them your not happy.
Good luck.