Hello? It's The School Calling!

I don't know what's been up with Ana and her behaviour lately, but she has had a clear case of the naughties. Both myself, my husband and even my parents suffered her moods and strops over the weekend but I was sure she had got it all out of her system by the time Monday morning came.

Alas no! This afternoon I received a telephone call from Ana's class teacher. She informed me that not only had Ana again gone on an escapade when asked to do something that didn't fit in with her plans, but she has also today slapped another child on the arm.

I have no idea what the teacher expects me to be able to do at the other end of a telephone line, but she kept repeating that she was only calling to let me know what had gone on and it was all dealt with there and then. Well it's nice that the teacher thinks I feel the need to know absolutely everything that Ana gets up to during class time, but sometimes I wish they didn't bother.

Yes, call me if there is an emergency, if Ana has hurt herself or has gone missing for a sustained amount of time, but stop tittle tattling!

Looks like another day of no computer time for Ana. Will she ever learn? No, quite frankly, she won't!