Today I received a link to a Daily Mail article detailing Autism from a sibling's point of view. I makes for very interesting reading.

The paragraphs that I can relate to most are;

A high-functioning autistic like Rupert is, in some ways, harder to accept than someone more severely disabled, as at times they seem so tantalisingly close to normal. My mother says she always felt that if she tried hard enough, she'd find the key to 'unlock' my brother and everything would be fine.

Unlike Down's syndrome, which is easily recognisable in sufferers, autism has few physical signs.

There have been many times in the past that I have wished that Ana had some outward sign of a disability. After all no one questions why a Down's Syndrome person is not 'normal.'

I fear that throughout her life too much may be expected of Ana simply because she doesn't look any different from anyone else.