Bitten again!

We had just returned from watching Ana perform in her school play when I received a message on my mobile. Ana has been bitten again by the same class mate! After social services expressed it's concerns about the lack of supervision in the class room you would have though that the teachers and classroom assistants would be on high alert.

I can only thing that I can think of is with the disruption and the excitement of the school play that they weren't as attentive as they should have been.

Allowing a child to be bitten in such a way once is unfortunate, twice is down right careless!

Again I had to get Social Services involved before the school would even speak to me let alone address my concerns. which went along the lines of, 'We're keeping a very close eye on the children and it won't happen again.' Now, do correct me if I am wrong here, no really, speak up, don't be shy. But weren't you supposed to be keeping a very close eye on them the last time Ana was bitten and wasn't it not going to happen again? So what changed? Did the mulled wine and mince pies come out and distract you?

Unfortunately due to the school holidays starting on Friday there is little myself or Social Services can do until the start of next term. Other then sending Ana in wearing a chain mail tunic!