Should I be upset?

Would you be?

Today Ana came home from school to tell me that during drink and biscuit time (morning break) she was bitten on the shoulder and the teacher had written in her book.

Sure enough there was a statement in her home - school diary that simply stated

'Unfortunately Ana was bitten today on the right hand shoulder. We applied and ice pack for 10 mintues which took away some of the swelling, Ana was very brave.'

So there's me thinking a simply case of she'd been nipped by another child and had a red mark or even at the worst some teeth marks.

'Show us your bite then.' I said to Ana only to be confronted by the picture above.

I had no idea the bite was that bad and according to Ana at the time she was bitten she was wearing her shirt and sweatshirt. I know Ana attends special needs school and there are children there will problems, but I would have expected a phone call from the school.